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META PAD- Non-Slip PC Mouse Pads

META PAD- Non-Slip PC Mouse Pads

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Introducing the META GUN Gamer Mouse Mat – a powerful fusion of cutting-edge design and high-performance functionality, engineered to enhance your gaming experience. Immerse yourself in the dynamic world of gaming with this sleek and visually striking mouse mat featuring the futuristic META GUN design.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, the META GUN Gamer Mouse Mat transforms your gaming space into a virtual battleground. The design seamlessly integrates futuristic weaponry and digital aesthetics, creating an immersive visual experience that resonates with the intensity of gaming. The smooth, micro-textured surface ensures precise tracking for your mouse, allowing you to execute every move with pinpoint accuracy.

Measuring generously, this mouse mat provides ample space for precise maneuvers and quick reflexes during intense gaming sessions. The non-slip rubber base keeps the mat securely in place, ensuring a stable surface for your gaming mouse, even in the heat of the action. The edges are reinforced for durability, ensuring the META GUN design remains vibrant and intact over extended use.

Elevate your gaming setup with the META GUN Gamer Mouse Mat – a statement piece that not only reflects your passion for gaming but also enhances your performance. Imbue your gaming space with a touch of futuristic flair and let the META GUN design be a visual testament to your commitment to the virtual battlefield. Command precision, seize victory, and immerse yourself in the next level of gaming with the META GUN Gamer Mouse Mat.


The rubber bottom guarantees no slip while moving around the mouse (optical and laser). The mouse pads will serve everyday users and pro gamers for years to come without fraying or pilling.

.: Materials: 100% smooth polyester front; 100% natural rubber backing
.: One size: 9.5" × 8" (24.1cm × 20.3cm )
.: Supports optical and laser mice
.: 0.1'' thick (3mm)
.: Anti-fray edges
.: Black non-slip base

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